RPA Industrial Safety Robot

6 seconds/6 important information saving, each entry. iSaac is capable of 100% performance and it is an industrial property rights protected Risk Management System (RMS)!


User interface

The most important ability of the safety station is to tune the user to cooperation and safety-conscious behavior from the entrance to the production. It measures everything related to suitability, readiness, identity, loyalty, it saves into the database, it reports and it can not be sabotaged.

Operator interface

If there is a security operator, he only needs to take action, when he receives a signal with specific task assignment. His interface includes the lifecycle of the iSaac safety stations, alerts, checklists and lots of other useful informations. The interface is insight protected, and the operator can digitally sign the document.

Administrator interface

The interface is  accessible from any web browser, it makes all real-time data, and database infromation instatly available, which is essential part of the management work. Here you can start special searches, perform data backups, set individual setting and set employee and external contractor rights.

Remote operation - Desktop Broadcaster App

If your company has not, no longer has or will not have security staff in the future, but you want to control the entry and exit, you need our application, which informs you in real time about all the business proccesses at your company's entrance. iSaac will alert, if there is a denied entry for someone until further investigation.

Industry Community Application

More and more workers are becoming iSaac users and they contributing to the safety of their workplace. The essence of our application is that the employee is evaluated. Let the degree of commitment be the reference for the reliability index, both for the current or prospective employer. If the employee is interested, everyone wins.

Emergency Application

The iSaac platform allows you to provide real-time data at local, regional and national level, regardless of the classification of the company, to the rescue manager, that is primary importance for the rescue procedure.


Most important fact!

RPA solutions have become one of the most dynamically growing market segment! The annual growth rate may reach 29% until 2023.

Most important fact!

RPA solutions can reduce the operational cost by up to 60%. The global RPA market is going to reach 10,96 Billion USD by 2028!

Most important fact!

More than 45% of organizations are going to use robotic process automation solutions during their digital transformation!

First factFlat rate forgotten

Only the business processes that actually happen are expenses, which can be designed with impressive precision after the actually done work, at night too and in 24/7.

Second factThere is no  bribery

The events that took place on the iSaac security station are unchangeable No one can manipulate them. The possibility of an error is close to 0.

Third factCost reduction

Thanks to the iSaac system, spending on security guarding can be reduced by an average 30%. Extremely fast pay-off is guaranteed.

Fourth factThere is no lawlessness

The savings,- from outsourced security-, can be legal and can not support black employment with iSaac. This lawfulness also applies to the data management in the course of events.

Fifth factIncreasing security awareness

While using the iSaac system, the user acquires an ability to cooperate, that has been shown to have an impact on work discipline, safety and responsibility. The processes become unified.

Sixth factReal-time data and notification

The iSaac system shows real-time information to all the users depending on the permission and also indicates in real-time if an extraordinary event happens that requires an action, of course with digital documentation.

Seventh factNo more "no one told me that"

The process maintenance of the iSaac system is a 100%. Your company's security standard and judgment no longer depends on who provides security service. The security procedure is fixed in all statuses in an objectuve process, the user only needs to follow the instruction on the display.

Eighth fact10+ incident alert

Thanks to the sensors of the iSaac system, it draws attention to more than 10 events that cause an alert, that can pose a risk to works safety, work time loyalty, property safety, works disciplie and fitness for work.

Ninth factElectronic work permit

The iSaac system is able to manage the documentation of the external contractor's electronic work premit, from the application to the automatic or manual expiration according to the legal requirements.