Mobil Safety Sluice

We made the staff-independent, high-efficient, compact security solution available for delivery!


Event Sluice

During outdoor events and festivals it may happen that the specifics of the location require an ad hoc solution for the security check for the visitors. The iSaac CheckBox is not only suitable for this, but the check points installed in the passage path counts the passers-by, searches for metal objects, recorsd the user for the registration, indicates an alert if someone tries to leave without registration and meets all unique needs that may increase the event's smooth operation. The CheckBox generates significant personnel and cost reduction and frees up resources.

Construction Site

It is an increasingly urgent task in connection with the construction investments, that the contruction site shold have an objective infrastructure for safety because the staff controll on large operational ares, the dinamic changes and the checked, authorized, logged contractor work permit is handled with considerable generosity, which requires permanent management personell and these moments are often necessary at different locations at the same time. We provide real-time attendance list, broken down by contrator group.

0. Check Point - Preventive Action

When the 0. check point needs to be defined temporarily or for an indefinite period of time in order to increase operational safety, despite already completed real estate development or normal operation, a particularly effective solution is required. Our "boxed" solution establiches a buffer zone that separates from the central, internal security zone, so the research, identification, authorization tasks excavations effects can kept away from the representative areas, that require a high level safety comfort. This is the real augmented reality.