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The Great iSaac Story

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A celebration of togetherness! A permanent project related to safety awareness, made for children in the Miskolc Zoo, thanks to the incomparable, widely supported collaboration. Mayor, police chief, CEO, me and the Smile of God. excuse!


If you already know it, yet you do nothing, there is no excuse! The iSaac communication, knowledge space and risk management system has been available for eight month and companies are still afraid to regain control of their own security management. Those who believe in outsourcing, mostly support illegality, keeping themselves and their company in...

We live in an age when it is necessary to make people believe that operation, cooperating, and thinking together results a higher quality output signal. We want our children to have an age when the signal they emit is brighter because of the less individual interest, it is the brilliance of pure intention and community-biulding.

A company with an exceptionally high sense of quality is only possible because each and every member of it knows why they are present, knows that is valuable and important that they are present, and knows that they contribute to somenthing with their performance, wich is altogether is more than the individual. The first jointly created product,...

The result of Tibor Oláh and his development team can be a great help in the industrial safety management, but this innovation also has a moral positive. The iSaac solution was created with Hungarian financial and knowledge capital. The operation of the company rests directly on family fountadion: Tibor's daughter, Dominika manages the IT...

For the second time, we were part of the perfectly organized TECHference Industrial Exhibition and Conference, but this time not as an exhibitor as in 2020, but as a speaker. My topic as a CEO was the automation and digitization of processes affecting the business and operational safety and how do we regain control of our company's security...

Perfectly executed 4000 hours of continuous test in a factory environment with extreme noise vibration and dust load. The nominal and the on-site measured data values significantly exceed the average industrial use.

The good news is that university education has recognized the importance of implementing a practical approach and experience in the engineer education and allows the concept,- which the graduating students will encounter in real work environment,- to be "planted" in the practical training.

We, who make the PanCorp team and have roots in Miskolc, were curious about how the unbiased, inexpirienced voices, after their first and unrepeatable experience, sound like. That is why we took iSaac on the street.

The quality approach as a theoretical structure is a requirement-supporting infrastructure in the practice, which requires understanding in the process of creating, produce and implement.