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The Great iSaac Story

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Any iSaac Factory / main system. When we want to specify and algorithmize the security system center, we must have typed, controlled, aggregated measurement data from the system units, from the real environment, so we can diversify the operation in a corporate level in the most effective way.

Any iSaac Area / sub system. The safety of the site security is greatly influenced by the effectiveness of the check points assigned to the space changes and the flow paths across the zones. In these check points as many RPA robots are needed as the passage requires.

Any iSaac Chech EndPoint / Interface. The effectiveness of supervision within a site, security system unit is a direct consequence of the definition of the legal and professional check points established by the delimiting "concentric" security zones.

The Intuitive Space Design (iS5.D) project embodies a vision of a special relationship between human and space. According to our plans the iS5.D project will be a study project starting from the 2022-2023 school year.

University of Pannonia - University Center in Zalaegerszeg - Pan Corp iSaac Area College Safety. The iSaac project got a role in a large technology development in Zalaegerszeg. This safety management development program envisions a future built on the iSaac 4.0 solution.

Spring Seminar


"I am the creator, the renewable energy that can be used for the benefit of my community." Tibor guided his audience of 50 people along the lines of this thought during the presentation of the Spring Seminar,- as an invited speaker at the general meeting of the ISO 9000 Forum,- which overall was about the quality of life, the importance...

There is a way out of the '22 trap. Being able to renew the company, organization, looking for new opportunities to introduce new methodologies and innovative tools or staying with the old schemas, risking that the new world,- in which the optimal and "as good as possible" is the key phrase-, runs past us.

According to the National Office of Intellectual Property the iSaac Industrial Safety Application Center is now a Registered Trademark! The nearly one year long qualification process proved that our innovation,- the iSaac RPA robot with software and hardware,- is unique in the world.

The atmosphere of the workshop organized by the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Police on the topic of industry, traffic and internet security was great. The importance of awareness and responsible behavior was in the focus of group discussions with the participation of students.

At the University of Pannonia, the iSaac Laboratory Safety Project (iLSP) has started its operation so the EHS proffesionals preparing for working in the industrial field will arrive not only theoretical but also applied knowledge and with an infrastructure in the spirit of innovative generation change.

PanCorpReorg offers its Hungarian developed industrial safety innovation! We are looking for industrial companies that are currently spending on security guards, but for some reason their satisfaction does not match the level of payment, or they simply feel that the perception of their company should not be influenced by external factors.

iSaac is the pioneer in the RPA market that is revolutionizing the security process management in the industrial environment. Radical reduction in the cost of security guarding! Instead of hesitating, ask for the iSaac solution to experience a real 3 in 1 feeling: savings, increased efficiency, technology.

Our company's honor is that we are able to present the iSaac solution in Miskolc,- the stronghold of university education,- at a public workshop on 02.08.2022. in the context of industrial and process safety.

In the Hungarian Gazette, on Thursday, December 23. 2021, The Minister minimized the fee of security guard services for 2022. The hourly fee,- which is just under 3.000 HUF,- is a flat rate which is payable even when there is no work done or the security staff is sleeping.

A GINOP Plusz-1.2.3-21 "A minkro-, kis- és középvállalkozások modern üzleti és termelési kihívásokhoz való alkalmazkodását segítő fejlesztések támogatása a leghátrányosabb helyzetű régiókban." című eszközbeszerzési pályázatnak köszönhetően, most a te vállalatod is hozzájuthat iSaac-hez!

The time will soon arrive when the energy with which we let our toughts go will become measurable and with it the responsibility with which we support our common existence will also appear. We only support and not damage it, because I believe that when each one of us understands how much of a role we actually have in terms...