The safety of an industrial area is sustainable by three pillars: professional information, necessary training and legal control.


CMS - Content Management System The correct information is a fundamental right and need in every community, especially when it comes to the safety of the workers in industrial areas. iSaac has a world-class capability to handle this area from the general news feed to specialized communication to defined content with sensors; from the user, through the operator, to the rescue manager.


KMS - Knowledge Management System The corporate knowledge space is a component of the iSaac platform, that revolutionizes the method of the acquisition of the work related knowledge. The iSaac safety station robot indicates to the workers if any of their qualifications require an upgrade. After a successful exam, the system generates a new time window by extending the set authorization. 


RMS - Risk Management System iSaac, the industrial safety software robot exceeds the requirements of a classic RPA system. The sensor capabilities and safety protocol, intended for a special target area, requires safety awareness from everyone whos intention is to enter the industrial area in a certain status.                                                                     



Media player

The content updates from the central server are pushed and cached to local media players or System-on-Chip devices to play scheduled or interactive content on screens.

Cloud based solutions

All content can be streamed through the cloud to media players. Our cloud service is secure and stable to ensure your content is always available when you need it.

Central server

Commands from the iSaac user interface are sent to a secure central server, which is cloud based. You can manage your data the way you want.

Built-in editor

You can access the iSaac user interface from any web browser to create, edit, publish, and schedule content to your screens with easy, drag-and-drop functionality.

Data integration

Multiple formats are supported to pull in live data including XML, Google Sheets, iCal, Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive, JSON, CSV, and API Webhooks.


With iSaac you have access to our extensive library of content templates. Import an existing template or create your own to make designing content easy.

Interactive content

You can easily create interactive content for your touch displays. No coding required. Turn any element into a clickable object that can perform a wide range of actions.

Sensor technology

ISaac supports more than 30+ sensors that can control screen content. Integrate with RFID readers, motion/distance sensors, AI cameras, and more! In the box: weight+ temp+ touch+ rfid+ alc+ blow!

OS compatibility

ISaac is compatible with the most widely used operating systems including Android, Windows, BrightSign, LG, and Samsung.