The guarantee of personal safety is keeping everything under protection. We provide an unique high-tech infrastructure for this.

We have entered the area of contactless, automated and status-independent personell management. There is no need to compromise any longer on the number of people to be checked, the number of checkpoints and the ability to identify security risks. System, with supervision from the specialist to the end user.


The delimitation of security zones and the establishment of checkpoints is one of the most important elements of the security strategy, it is the basis of immunity. The pre-made container gate is perfect for events, construction areas or for long-term with the full protection potencial that the iSaac Area offers.


The next level of protection options depends on the cooperation skills requiered to the idendification. The evolution of the safety infrastucture is necessary in order to serve the user habits and needs of the alpha generation in 3D, on an interactive basis. Space perception back and forth.

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The condition for entering the protected area is the "loyal" status. The filtrations and identification of the unknown person must be handled effectively in the buffer zone.

Buffer Zone

In the individual security zones, "buffer zones" only those can stay who received information about all the necessary rules of behavior before entering there. From the public space to the engineering desk of industrial secrets, it is necessary to prove preparation, permission, fitness and loyalty.

Station Farm

When the protection of the check points is entrusted to RPA robots, it is important to have the right number of stations working for the sustainability of the passage dynamic. All of the security stations operation individually or in groups on the "farm" is capable of the back and forth customer management, in any status.

Mobil Sluice

When a high-efficiency check point needs to be established quikly on the boarder of an idustrial area, but there is no suitable location and/or technical support for this purpose, the iSaac "container gate" is needed.

iSaac Area

The customer management with RPA robots takes place exactly where entry permits have been assessed with staff. The difference is not geographical. The security procedures need to be rebuilt "only" at the thought level.

MarkerZone MZ/X

Our developments goal is to let the user decide on the depth on his connection with the security system, when entering any industrial area. From the public space to the research laboratory. MZ/X project.

Sense of Space - iS (Intuitive Space)

The members of alpha generation will have a different relationship with eachother and with 3D. They will have different abilities to identify the world on an intuitive level and the sense of space will also mean something different.