Cloud Based Digital Communication

World-class Content Management System (CMS) from iSaac. The new and indispensable tool for corporate communication and information flow.

Simple communication content

Magnetic and cork boards, A4 papers glued to the window and other notes regarding to production, hr, security, promotion, GDPR and all sorts of messages are out of date. Thanks to our system you can display digital content wherever you install screens, in unlimited numbers, regardless of their size, even if your company is global.

Special safety content

If we agree that the communication in different security zones of the company requires differenc appearance and content, then we only need to create information such as: information - production - prohibition - emergency or other contents.

Pavilion-like design

Digital content display is an indispensable information channel for industrial objects or university campuses established as a group of buildings. Many buildings need to be controlled at the sam time, even from a single location, with individual information regarding to the building or unified information for the whole organization.

Easy content creation

The world-class iSaac system allows you to create digital safenage solutions, that meet even the most unique needs. With the built-in content creator, it is as easy as creating a presentation, just from the cloud. You can create a digital menu board with POS terminal integration, screens with interactive content, corporate communication contetnt with live KPI, meeting tables with Office 365, or anything you can imagine.


Stay in touch easily

From important corporate notifications to interactive design and data. Communicate the right information to your employees!

  • Remotely installed Windows 10 application
  • Active application or desktop boradcaster
  • Classified communication
  • Close the window or let it run in the background

Immediate internal communication

The desktop broadcast application allows you to quickly deliver important notification to your employees, including live data KPI.

  • Immediate updates with pop-up notifications
  • Generated alerts
  • Emergency messaging
  • Google Drive, SharePoint and OneDrive integration

Easy to use content editor

The contents fit into any broadcast screen layout. Use our pre-made templates for fast content creation!

  • Drag and drop features
  • Add custom pictures, videos, audio
  • Schedule content
  • Customizable size and position of the broadcast window


First evidenceReduced costs and huge ROI

Switching to digital signage alone has already shown to increase information awareness with an efficiency of over 80%, while completely eliminates the traditional costs of the messaging for static ads.

Second evidenceDigital Signage = 83% recall rate

According to a 2015 study by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) the recall of digital signals is 83%. This means that when a person sees digital communication, he/she pays attention! In addition, digital signage that uses animations and videos attracts more attention that static displays.

Third evidenceDramatically increased commitment

Studies show that users are significantly more likely to participate in using interactive tools and can recall up to 47% of their content. People really remember innovative digital signage and are happy to be involved in the process.

Fourth evidenceWorksplace community analysis for better campaigns

Digital Signage CMS platforms now allow companies to understand when, where and to whom the content works. With integrated sensors digital signage systems help companies to understand their audience and tailor their messages to each target audience.

Fifth evidence71% of the workers say digital awareness raising is better

The fantastic recall rate was not the only one that the OAAA revealed in it's study. In the survey 71% of the consumers said they were more caught up in digital signage than online advertising. Instead of waisting your budget on security staff, you can benefit from using digital sensor-integrated devices.

Sixth evidence29,5% of customers are affected by digital content

A study by Eclipse Digital Media says 29,5% of their customers buy because of the digital menus. This is a further evidence that digital tools, where customers are involved in the processes, increase interest and the overall efficiency of the company. The industrial companies need to digitize their customer management procedures.